Account Freezing Orders

AFOs are a new instrument introduced by Criminal Finances Act 2017 and are recently being used for the first time by the UK authorities, such as the National Crime Agency.

Niall Kelly and Sonia Ahmad have been instructed by a prominent political family to challenge Account Freezing Orders (AFOs) obtained by the National Crime Agency in respect of their UK bank accounts.

The AFOS in this case were obtained without notice to the account holders; and were subsequently extended. Banks Kelly, on behalf of the clients, intend to robustly defend the unfounded allegations made by the National Crime Agency, in support of their applications for the AFOs or any applications for forfeiture, if subsequently made.

If you, your company is the subject of an Account Freezing Order or an Unexplained Wealth Order, please do not hesitate to contact Niall Kelly and Sonia Ahmad.